Sakila Sponsorship Program Sakila Sponsorship Program
Four Poor African Kids

Sakila Sponsorship Program

Helping the children of Sakila Village in Tanzania, East Africa.

Not everyone can travel to distant lands to personally help those in need. Here is a special opportunity to extend your hand across the world to a child who really needs your assistance.

The Sakila Sponsorship Program is giving the children of Sakila Village a chance for a better life through quality education and practical material aid.

Needy African Children Under the direction of Bishop Eliudi Issangya, the Sakila Sponsorship Program provides schooling for children in Tanzania whose only other option would be the tuition-based government school that most families cannot afford. At the government school, classes are often 120 or more students with only one teacher, making it nearly impossible to get an adequate education.

Our primary and secondary schools are located on property adjacent to the International Evangelism Center Bible School started by Bishop Eliudi in 1983.

Five African Children The Sakila Sponsorship Program begins funding each child in kindergarten and continues through the completion of secondary school. Your monthly or yearly sponsorship donations provide clothing, food, medical care, and education for these children. Our organization is all volunteer, so every dollar of your donation goes toward the care of your sponsored child.

When you become a sponsor, we will furnish you with a picture and ID number for your sponsored child and instructions for corresponding with him/her through our office. All correspondence between you and your sponsored child will be relayed through Sakila Sponsorship Program Coordinators in the United States, ensuring your address and identity will remain confidential.

Feeding The Children Your donations will provide the means to create productive and healthy lifestyles for every sponsored child. By supporting the Christian schools and the children who are attending them, you are making a lasting change for good in a poverty stricken society that desperately needs our help. Jesus Christ and education are the keys to better living. Beginning with these children, you can help change lives now and forever.

Please contact us for more detailed information, and help make a better life possible through your donations. Start creating a new opportunity for the children of Sakila Village. To begin your sponsorship, follow the instructions on this page of our website, email us, or call us directly. Thank you, on behalf of all the children of Sakila, and the Sakila Sponsorship Program.

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