Sakila Sponsorship Program Sakila Sponsorship Program

Eliudi Issangya The first class of children holding school in a large dirt-floor chicken coop! The first class of children holding school in a large dirt-floor chicken coop! Bishop Eliudi Issangya is the founder and president of the International Evangelism Center (IEC) located in Tanzania, East Africa. He is a highly respected citizen of Tanzania who has been honored with the title of Bishop for his work to improve the lives of people, not just the people in the village of Sakila but also in the surrounding countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Mozambique, the Congo, and even South Africa. Bishop Eliudi and his wife Hellen, have six grown children, and currently four grandchildren. Click this link to watch a video of Bishop Eliudi's testimony.

Gene And Lorraine Anderson Gene and Lorraine Anderson's involvement in the Sakila Sponsorship Program began with a church missions trip to Sakila in 2002. Upon returning to their home in Port Orchard, WA., Bishop Eliudi asked them to coordinate a sponsorship program to enable the people of Sakila to provide an education for their children. The task was undertaken in the fall of 2002 and a class of 102 kindergarteners began attending school in January of 2003. The first classes were held in a building on the IEC Bible School campus built with help from Providence Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Scio, Oregon. This was a great improvement over the chicken coop that had previously served as a classroom for the preschool since 1998.

Godwin and Kim Selembo Godwin Selembo is Bishop Eliudi and Hellen's oldest son. He was born in Sakila with a hunger for education. As a child, he pestered the adults in his life to teach him, and particularly an educated family friend, John Matthew, who obliged. Godwin's father then brought him to the United States at the age of seventeen and literally gave him to Roger and Jan George of Stayton, Oregon. Roger and Jan took him in as their own son and provided for him to attended High School and College. But, his passion for learning would not be satisfied with only his own education. He dreamt of offering a free education for the people of his homeland. Godwin and his lovely wife, Kim, have three adorable daughters. Godwin spends all his time and resources from his business, Serengeti Expeditions, to provide support for the school in Sakila. He is an invaluable member of our team. He brings an understanding of both cultures to our organization, which helps us use your generous donations in the most effective manner.

The Lord, using these people and many others, has grown Sluys/Anderson Primary School in Sakila Village, Tanzania, East Africa to what it is today. It has blossomed from a pre-school in a chicken coop to a ten-acre campus with twelve classrooms, water, electricity, a cookhouse, an administration building, teacher's dorms, and hundreds of students, with much more to come.

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