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The Children of Sakila are being helped by your generous donations. Personal sponsorships of individual children help give them an education and the basic necessities of life. This list is a kind of "wish list" that enables you, as benefactors, to donate in very specific ways to assist the ongoing work in Sakila.

This list describes currently needed items to help build the infrastructure required to support the community in Sakila as a whole, and thus the children as well. If you feel a calling to donate a special item or funding for a specific one of these items, please contact us via the donation form at this link, and specify which needs interest you. Thank you for your support.


  1. $450 Freshen Gravel Walkways.
  2. $2,000 Upgrade Administration Building.
  3. A campaign to purchase Luci® Solar Lights for the families of the sponsored children is under way. We buy in lots of 50 to save money, and they are $12/ea light. We are collecting donations to purchase them, so please let us know if you wish to participate.
  4. $20/pair A new pair of leather school shoes for each child.


  1. $15,000 Large water storage system holding 100,000 gallons. (Three storage tanks left to get at $5,000 ea) Purpose: Rain water storage for washing clothes, showers, and irrigation of crops. Basically, everything except cooking and drinking.
  2. $27,000x2 Wings to expand the existing girl's dormitory. Creates total housing for 400 girls.
  3. $27,000x2 Wings to expand the new boy's dormitory. With the new dormitory, creates total housing for 400 boys.
  4. Item Donation: A small pick-up truck. If someone could donate a Toyota we can load it on the container in March for shipping.
  5. Item Donation: Underground electrical wire for outside lighting.
  6. Item Donation: Pressure Treated 4x4s for lighting. We need (25) 16-footers.
Note: This list is continually evolving as we approach actual construction of various buildings. Please contact us for up-to-date news of progress, especially if you are interested in giving a large donation. Thank you!
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