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The Children of Sakila are being helped by your generous donations. Personal sponsorships of individual children help give them an education and the basic necessities of life. This list is a kind of "wish list" that enables you, as benefactors, to donate in very specific ways to assist the ongoing work in Sakila.

This list describes currently needed items to help build the infrastructure required to support the community in Sakila as a whole, and thus the children as well. If you feel a calling to donate a special item or funding for a specific one of these items, please contact us via the donation form at this link, and specify which needs interest you. Thank you for your support.


  1. $450 Freshen Gravel Walkways.
  2. $20/pair A new pair of leather school shoes for children whose family is unable to afford that most basic need. This constitutes about 40 families.
  3. $3,000 Road Improvements. During the rainy season, for a period of one month or more, part of the road leading up to the schools is nearly impassable. We'd like to improve it so it is predictably navigable throughout the year.


  1. $25,000x3 Wings to expand the existing dormitories (1 for girls and 2 for boys). This is the cost of just the basic building. Creates total housing for 400 girls and 400 boys.
  2. $6,000-$10,000 Add latrines and washrooms to accommodate additional students.
  3. $4,500 Needed to purchase a small, used pick-up truck.
  4. $3,000 Complete water harvest system that would get rainwater from building roofs to storage tanks.
  5. $3,500 Beds to accommodate additional students. We're growing extremely fast!
  6. $3,000 Outdoor solar lighting.
  7. $35,000 Administration Building.
  8. $?,??? (Working out cost for a) Multi-purpose training facility.
  9. $20,000 New Vocational School property aquisition.
  10. $7,500 Library improvements.
Note: This list is continually evolving as we approach actual construction of various buildings. Please contact us for up-to-date news of progress, especially if you are interested in giving a large donation. Thank you!
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